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Lily's Chocolate Box - A4 logo - sweets

Our traditional confectionery shop!

Lucy and April welcome you to Lily's Chocolate Box. A mother and daughter team who are starting a new adventure together. Step back in time at our traditional confectionery shop with a wide variety of luxury chocolates, fabulous fudge, jars of amazing sweets and much more.

Come and find a piece of your childhood online or in store. 

Assortment of liquorice sweets

Chocolate Galore! 

You will be spoilt for choice with our luxury chocolates or our soft centre and chewy toffee or truffles which melt in the mouth. 

Fabulous Fudge! 

Be tempted by our classic rum and raisin or our velvet vanilla or go crazy and try our rainbow bubble gum or our tipple of vodka fudge.
There is kaleidoscope of flavour and colour awaiting you. 

Victorian style sweets! 

Come step back in time and have some Victorian flavoured sweets along with your classics. Well loved humbugs, lemon sherbets, some liquorice and lots more.


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