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About Lily!

The name Lily comes from our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel family dog. Lily is six years old and is very much at the centre of everything we do. When deciding to open our shop we had no hesitation to allow Lily to be our CEO and become our business name. 

Lucy and April are a mother and daughter team, who both wanted to start something new in a town which is special to them Arundel. 

Dog smiling
Dog with flower in hair
Dog smiling at beach

All about Lily!

Hi I'm Lily. I love snoring loudly, barking at squirrels and posing for pictures for my mama and grandma. Also love a cheeky doggy biscuit.   

I am an expensive girl and want all my creature comforts. However I have the taste of a millionaire but my owners have pockets of a 16th century paupers.  

dog in sun hat
dog on the beach
dog in sunglasses
dog in forest
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